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Dog Training and Canine Rehabilitation

At Instinct to Heel, we firmly believe that no dog is beyond assistance. Our specialty lies in rehabilitating dogs that others may find challenging.


We have a proven track record of success, having worked with dogs of all temperaments, including those labelled as aggressive or designated as "dangerous dogs."


Rest assured, we welcome every dog with open arms and are committed to helping them thrive.


"Ellie definitely has a gift working with dogs"

Board & Train

$1400 - $4500

The board and train experience is designed to tackle a broad range of behavioural issues. Owners are an integral part of the training process with hours of education and practical implementation. 

  • Fear/Anxiety

  • Aggression

  • Resource Guarding

  • Socialization Problems

  • Separation Anxiety

Free Ongoing Support.

Dog training doesn’t end when your board and train is complete, we offer ongoing support to all of our clients for up to three months.

*Ellie gives back to the community in various ways, including a sliding scale to ensure dogs stay in their home.




Personalized one-on-one training 

We work with you directly to identify the specific training issues that affect the relationship between you and your dog.


Training is personalized to meet the needs of you and your dog and can include the following:

  • Recall 

  • Reactivity

  • Leash Control

  • Sit/Stay/Down/Place Commands

  • Behaviour Corrections

    • Jumping

    • Nipping


Progress at your own pace working directly with a Master Trainer to:

  • Learn tips and tricks to improve your dog’s behaviour

  • Gain general knowledge about canine behaviour and how humans can best interact with their dogs

  • Optimize the connection between you and your best friend


"Ellie is incredible at what she does!"

"Sampson started showing serious signs of aggression towards others including people he knew well and our three children at home around the time he turned a year old.

He was very (Very) loving towards myself and our family, but he was always an anxious pup.

We started basic obedience classes when he was about 6 months old, but it did not help his attitude towards others. As he got older it only got worse. He was always taken outside with us and around people often, but slowly started letting us know he wasn't comfortable. And then the pandemic happened. Things were shut down and we were left to figure things out. Over time as things started opening up a bit we tried finding someone to help. We found three people before Ellie, and each one either didn’t help or caused more troubles. 

Because of Ellie we now have our pup back. Ellie worked with him for 4 weeks and he went from been a dog that did and would send my kids to the hospital for stitches to a loving part (main) of our family.

The first week we went to see him we could all see the change. As the weeks went on we were amazed and Sampson was so much happier. It has now been a few months and he continues to be an awesome part of our family.

If it was not for Ellie I know for sure we wouldn't have Sampson anymore. 

Thanks you so much."

Catherine & Sampson

"Ellie gave my anxious rescue dog with a previous bite history a reset and showed him how to be a dog.

Most importantly she taught me how to treat him like a dog and what he needed from me. She was so informative, helpful and really put in the time. I am so grateful for her great knowledge and how she shared it with Bailey and I.

Bailey is now living his best dog life thanks to the brilliance of Ellie and her board and train program."

"Ellie is incredible at what she does! Our young dog started barking and lunging at people and we had no idea how to handle the behaviour. 

Ellie went out of her way to give us the training, tools and knowledge we needed to be confident and calm leaders. Now we can bring our dog on all our adventures without worries!

We even get compliments on how well he is behaved! Ellie was so nice to work with and my only regret is not finding her sooner!"

Nicole, Nacho & Spinner

"Ellie is a gifted dog trainer who helped me, in only a few training sessions, better understand my dog and interact with her in a much healthier way. Not only was Ellie fantastic with my dog, but she was also patient with me and helped me to understand why my dog was misbehaving. The solutions she offered were easy to learn and effective at curbing my dog’s misbehaviours. I cannot recommend Instinct to Heel highly enough!"

Brian & Arya

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