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Our Story

For over eight years, Ellie, alongside her loyal canine partner Chess, has been reshaping the relationship dynamics between numerous dogs and their owners.

Ellie's journey into dog training is deeply personal. When her cherished companion Chess unexpectedly exhibited aggression towards puppies, Ellie refused conventional solutions like permanent muzzling or euthanasia. Instead, she embarked on a mission to rehabilitate Chess, discovering her true passion along the way.

In 2015, Ellie attained certifications from Canada West Canine Centre, including Certified Master Trainer, Obedience Instructor, Kennel Management, and Tracking Through Drive.

Infused with Australian wit and charm, Ellie stresses the importance of involving both owners and their furry companions in effective dog training. Her holistic approach prioritizes active engagement from both parties, fostering successful outcomes.

Beyond her expertise with dogs, Ellie possesses a unique talent for forging empathetic connections with individuals from diverse backgrounds. This ability enables her to facilitate a deep understanding of the bond between owners and their dogs.

Ellie's commitment extends beyond surface-level behavioral fixes; she delves into the underlying causes of a dog's behavior. Equipped with this insight, she guides owners towards lasting and meaningful improvements in their relationships with their canine companions.

Discover how Ellie's tailored approach to dog training can enrich your bond with your furry friend. Reach out to us for an unparalleled and comprehensive training experience.


Meet The Team

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