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Our Story

Ellie Punch
Founder, Master Trainer, Rehabilitator, Educator


For eight years, Ellie and her devoted canine rehabilitative partner, Chess, have been transforming the dynamics between countless dogs and their owners.

Ellie's journey into dog training is a deeply personal one. When her beloved Chess unexpectedly displayed aggression towards puppies, Ellie sought solutions beyond the conventional. Refusing to accept drastic measures like permanent muzzling or euthanasia, Ellie embarked on a mission to rehabilitate her own dog, discovering her true passion along the way.

In 2015, Ellie earned certifications, including Certified Master Trainer, Obedience Instructor, Kennel Management, and Tracking Through Drive, from Canada West Canine Centre.

Infused with Australian wit and charm, Ellie emphasizes that effective dog training involves both owners and their furry companions. Her comprehensive approach prioritizes active participation from both parties for successful outcomes.

Beyond her prowess with dogs, Ellie possesses a unique gift for empathetic connections, reaching individuals from diverse backgrounds. This skill enables her to lead them to a profound understanding of their bond with their dogs.

Ellie doesn't stop at surface-level behavioral fixes; she delves into the root causes of a dog's behavior. Armed with this understanding, she guides owners towards enduring and significant improvements in their relationships with their dogs.

Explore how Ellie's personalized approach to dog training can transform your relationship with your furry friend. Connect with us for a unique and thorough training experience.​

"Sampson started showing serious signs of aggression towards others including people he knew well and our three children at home around the time he turned a year old. We found three trainers before her, and each one either didn’t help or caused more troubles." 


Meet The Team

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