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Learn how to Rehabilitate Dogs

Want to train puppy classes? Become a rehabilititor, dog trainer or teach private lessons?

Ellie Punch became a Master Trainer in 2015. 8 years later she is looking to pass on everything she has learned from 100's and 100's of dogs. Ellie has been rehabilitating dogs full time for the past 3 years and knows what it takes, as well as what you need to be successful in saving the lives of dogs. You will learn everything from Dog Language to successful business practices to ensure your success in a complicated world of dog training. Contact now for more information.

Ellie is passionate about rehabilitation and come with the attitude of dog first. She knows in order to be dog first connecting and working with the owners is the only way to help pet dogs around the country. If you are looking to learn from someone who has an uncanny understanding of psychology, with an ability to teach in a way everyone can understand and an ability to share aspects of dog language and dog body language as it's happening. You will get hands on experience working with dogs while learning all aspects of the rehabilitation process. If you have a love for dogs and are physically capable, have some dog handling skills, have dog/horse experience and an ability to work alone and in groups this may be for you.

Contact Ellie now.

This is a course offered in Kelowna and won't be here for long. 

Dogs first. Love. Educate. Rehabilitate. Lead.

$2800 for two weeks of extensive dog language, dog knowledge, business knowledge and most importantly hands on experience learning dog handling skills on a professional level.  Contact us now. 

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